The J.EVO difference

It all started with a passion for using the power of science to making eating healthy simple and convenient.

The Start

After 10 years travelling the world, researching how to best extract nutrients from fruits and vegetables, Dr. W. started developing the Juice Evolution range. After two years of further development, Dr. W. and her team formulated a process that allowed them to squeeze all the goodness out of fruit, creating unique mixes that hydrate, purify, energise and boost immunity.

Cold Pressed Goodness

Unlike most juices on the market that are heat pasteurised, all of our juices are cold pressed so that every little drop of pure nutrient filled juice makes it to the bottle. We also use a cold pressurisation process to make sure the juice is free from all nasties and bacteria, without compromising the nutrition and deliciousness!

Think Asian Health

While the cold press has been around for decades, Juice Evolution takes it one step further, with a range of delicious and nutritious juices that stay fresher for longer than your average pressed juice, so you can enjoy them for longer.

The end result