Not your average pressed juice

The J.EVO difference

You've seen this all before, so what's the difference? While most pressed juices must be consumed within 5 days, our innovative processes give our juices a 1-3 month shelf life - so you can stock up on all your favourites and enjoy fresh cold pressed juice daily with confidence that you are absorbing nutrients that you are looking for.

Pure. Simple. Good for you.

Our juices are free from the bad stuff and full of pure, nutritious fruit.

What you see is what you get.

100% Cold pressed, pasteurised fruit juice
5-Star Health Rating
1-3 month shelf life
Less than 8g sugar per 100ml
No preservatives
No additional flavours
No colours

Our Process

Cold pressing
Our fruits are put through a cold press juicer, extracting the juice using pressure.

Cold filling
Before filling, our bottles and juices are cooled and pressurised to keep the juice fresh when poured

Cold pasteurisation
Bottles are immersed in cold water and pressurised to rid juice of all bacteria while keeping the nutrients and allowing them to be kept in your fridge for longer! This process does not introduce heat that will degrade/destroy the nutrients or change the authentic flavours of the juices.

Exotic super fruits

Our juices are sourced from the orchards of Asia, bringing rare tropical fruits with unique nutritional properties to your fridge.

Unleashing the time-tested, natural super power of tropical fruits including watermelon, pineapple, green guava, papaya, ambarella, red dragonfruit, and Thai lime, each juice in our range was created to boost health and vitality.

Antioxidants that fight cell oxidisation, stimulates anti-ageing properties and boosts immunity

Electrolytes that improve hydration

Enzymes that support healthy digestion

The Product